Peplum…a lingering trend?

this time last year many stores were filled with their version of the peplum, a classic trend that was slowly returning and erupted Spring 2012.  the question, a year later…is the peplum a “has been”?
i must admit, I picked up a few peplum tops last year, mostly from H&M, one strapless, one tank, and two sleeved and all at a good price. there is something about peplums that give off a very feminine, classic vibe; ladies wear peplums. as of lately I have hesitated to throw on a cute summer peplum and head out the door, why? I do not consider myself trendy; I’ve been wearing high-waist bellies forever (and will continue). however I felt as though the peplum style was a little dated, not “classy-sex-siren-from-a-black-and-white movie” dated, but “yesteryear” dated.  check out how the style is continuing to be refreshed through, color, cut, and personal style.
i will throw that peplum on again and daintily nod yesteryear.


for less commitment and more flexibility, this peplum belt might be the right balance of Girl Next Door and Sleek Chic to meet your summer needs.
Peplum Belt


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