Fiscally fashionable (tall girls need love too)

Vine Print Linen Pants $24

a month ago I was walking through Flatiron and dipped into LOFT. oddly I have never ventured in before because I presumed it to be a conservative-Banana Republicish-petite centric store.  i’ve got nothing against BR, but I rarely find anything to take home (caveat, my BR Ashbury bag, which is stylish & sturdy). i thought I would walk into a haven of cardigans and capri pants…well I was kinda right. i was pleasantly surprised by the bold summer colors and patterns in the stock. i had time to kill so I tried on a pair of linen pants that I thought would be ideal for work….hmm, high-waters!!! however the seam was generous enough to be taken out and worn with flats, I appreciate that. a friendly store worker informed me that they sell “tall” but ONLY online.  huh? why not in stores? do buyers prefer to wear their pants too short versus have them perfectly altered? do tall women prefer shipping charges? not fair. there is a large selection of regular (upper floor) & petite (entire lower level) but us chicks with long pins must shop virtually.

after digging through the sale section I found some pants that were probably returns because they were….TALL (36″ inseam). perfect. i scoped out another pair of pants but they were full price, and since a lot of the sale items were Spring clothes I knew their full price to sale price span was short. i’d just be watchful and patient. fast forward, this afternoon I visited another LOFT to find all the sale items were 60% off, and it included a few of the items that sparked my interest (Vine Pants above), however I will have to order online for the “tall” inseam.  i don’t know how long the sale will last but here are a few items that I thought were cute, even more so given the pretty price tag. regs & petites have a blast; tallies…see you online. you’re welcs.

Striped Linen $14
Beaded Diamond Clutch $14
Geometric Skort $18

                                                         Beaded Tassel $14

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