birthplace & cheesesteak

In honor of Independence Day (and a few days off from work) we hit the road bound to celebrate in the birthplace of this nation. Downtown/Center City Philadelphia is filled with culture, history, parks, friendly people, and good food. It is also immaculately clean, which I noticed because  oddly they don’t have trash cans on every corner like NYC. I found myself looking for one a few times yet there is no liter anywhere-go figure. definitely visit the historical sites, but don’t forget to visit and check out the small local vintage/thrift shops for odds, ends, and furniture. There are also many adorable small boutiques that represent local designers. Head off the beaten path and have brunch at Sabrinas Cafe and afterwards stroll the historic neighborhood. Philly is known for their cheese steaks, I can’t vouch for their goodness (herbivore here) so of course I wasn’t surprised when I got a “bring me a cheese steak back from Philly” text,  in honor of Brotherly Love, I obliged.




downtown Philadelphia: the epitome of old and new


After our overnight jaunt in Philly we returned home; I then spent the next day in Central Park, just loungin’ out with my Beau. ah…Summertime…”time to sit back and unwind…”

converse CP


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