Q: What’s Better than Manwich? A: Lentil Sloppy Joes!

do you remember Manwich? well if I just outdated you  let me bring you up to speed, it was a reddish brown sauce sold in a can that was mixed with loose groundmeat to form…..drum roll… a Sloppy Joe! I know it sounds bad, but it was tasty and fun…and of course a mess. i dont know if parents still serve this to their kids by my parents certainly did. it was as popular as spaghetti and Jello pudding pops (i’d love for Cosby to bring those back!)

i have been trying to include more beans in my diet for the extra iron boost and all the innate nutrients those lil guys pack. so last week I was on the hunt for lentil based meals and came across this Lentil Sloppy Joes recipe. I must say I was skeptical when I was putting all the ingredients together, but it turned out so perfect, not like Manwich, actually I think it was way better! i followed the recipe with one exception, I didn’t use any wine. the sloppy joe came out a tad sweet so if you want it more savory kicking back on the maple syrup may help.  i also made a quick cole slaw, which is the easiest dish ever and quite healthy, as it is pretty much just raw cabbage. i make slaw without mayo, I just dont think cabbage swimming in raw egg yolks is appealing.

 the picture doesn’t do the taste justice, blame me and my pixels.

it looks neat now, but you’ll need a fork!

 first night





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