Brooklyn Museum in Autumn

the Brooklyn Museum is one of my favorite, it always has interesting exhibits, a good flowing lay out, and is so close to home. it also feels like its is apart of the community not an inaccessible, intimidating  building as it holds many functions for the community throughout the year. a staff member even told me they hold weddings there,  hmmm…

so, we went specifically for the Egyptian Exhibit and Mummy Chamber (yep, real life mummies….well, real dead mummies). if you know anything any about Egyptian history you know it is locked in mystery and intrigue. i learned and saw so much as the exhibit is quite vast, its hard to believe items in there were from 2000 BC and even before, that alone boggles my mind.

there are about 3 other exhibits currently on display as well, so make a day out of it and definitely put it on your to do list this autumn.


                          this Aztec Calendar is made of corn and corn meal





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