well hello 2014, you look good

bye, bye 2013.

2014 holds many eagerly anticipated events… a new niece, two great trips and a third in the planning, a few weddings,  and these are just the things I know about!  life always has fun lil surprises in store.

each new year brings the excitement of new possibilities and a new chance to refocus. even though I don’t make resolutions, a new year is always an opportunity for me to devise a new plan, prioritize, or try again. my mind races with things I want to do…travel more, finish up the long, long, list of decorating projects in my home, focus on my business, attack a few crafty ideas, drink more water, pull out the easel,  push myself more in yoga, try new recipes, meditate more, get back to volunteering. the list can go on (in my head it does).

my first objective is to make a plan, a personal to-do list, to keep in mind all these things and let life happen around them, without forgetting to put these ideas into actions. the truth is my list will never end.



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