Mukluks, my Uggs.

it’s been cold here, and over the past few weeks I have been mentally packing for an upcoming trip to an even colder place (I will tell you all about it in an upcoming post).  i have been loading my online shopping cart with Mukluks, balaclavas, and cashmere scarves and for some reason that mere act is enjoyable even if I don’t pull the “buy” trigger.  it’s been snowy when it wasn’t icy and freezing when it wasn’t snowy, so I have a lot of  cute winter items that haven’t left the closet this season as more functional pieces take the lead role. however, function and warmth can be extremely fashionable and the plus is that’s usually cozy and comfy.

i have alot of furry boots, and my favorites are Mukluks, they are comfortable, beautiful, and unique (everyone else is wearing Uggs). Mantiboah Mukluks are the only ones I wear, they are handmade by Aboriginal Canandians who also own the company. every boot i have received is high  quality, the attention to detail is exquisite and as a company they stand behind their workmanship. the boots come in just about every color and various styles. not into leather & fur… i have also seen a few other brands offer them in a vegan version, whatever floats your boat.

lesson learned: Mukluks come with a vibram sole for use if you plan to wear outdoors, and crepe soles for indoor wear (although walking on grass in the yard is just fine).  I learned this the hard way when I got some gorgeous red mukluks with a crepe sole thinking I could trek the pavement city, now they are adorable house booties.


here are a few lovely vintage options

Tecnica Apres Boot-Vintage
Handmade Raven Mukluks (for men & women)

and if your pockets allow…

Blue Fox Mukluk

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