What happens in Reykjavik…

i dropped the ball a bit. this year has flown by and while haven’t been on task blogging, I have taken some good shots. over the past few years, travel has become very important to me, and seeing the world has become an unquenchable, exhilarating goal. my first trip of the year was to Reykjavik, Iceland. the trip was a bachelorette party-getaway for a dear friend, and luckily one of her friends is a planning guru and handled all the arrangements with ease (I need one of those type of friends in my life). we went in February, and to no surprise it was cold, but with proper layering the cold was not a problem. this trip included good food, historical sites, fun travel buddies, friendly natives, amazing snow covered natural sites, and of course a lil shopping (very little). the highlight however was dog sledding and of course the northern lights! unfortunately you need a truly legit camera to capture the aurora borealis…not what I was using (my iphone, rookie move…I know). the pics i have of the northern lights are from the night we went to view them were not taken by yours truly. put this on your bucket list, then cross it off soon. side note, a new airline wow.com has some great rates from Boston & Baltimore, check it. 

update 5/2015, the fares don’t seems so great anymore. womp. womp.

streets of Reykjavik
church in Reyjavik



One thought on “What happens in Reykjavik…

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