one of my favorite places

Quintana Roo….the perfect beaches, the yummy food, the tequila, the ruins, the kind locals, the weather, and the close proximity to the US make it one of my favorite, quick and hot getaways. this summer i returned to Playa del Carmen, which is about an hour from Cancun, and a short boat ride from Cozumel. i’ve been before so i knew it would be a good time and it lived up to everything i remembered. in my eyes Playa del Carmen is perfect if you’re a lazy vacationer and just want to lay under the sun, eat, and drink but it’s also ideal if you’re into water sports, or the adventures of exploring the Mayan ruins. Mayan culture is fascinating because it dates back so long and many of their beliefs and traditions are deeply rooted in the current culture of Mexico. i’d go back in a heartbeat…

IMG_7458 (2)
our home in Playa del Carmen
making memories, pale off the plane
a secret beach, kinda
mayan ruins coba, yucatan
beach at the ruins
from the top
cave in ruins, yucatan
lay, dip, sip, repeat
balcony & hammock…morning

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