10 days in Tuscany

two weeks before I left for Italy, i decided to go to Italy! my itinerary was Rome to Florence to Venice, spending a few days in each city. the weather was kind, not hot but certainly not cold…perfect for being a tourist. each city was so different unto itself, my favorite by far was Florence. while the history of Italy is interesting it was often cruel and unforgiving, the remnants of kings & queens, slaves, and gladiators are evident everywhere. there are very few “new” buildings in any of these cities. being from a country that has a relatively short history, well at least in reference to buildings and structures, i found this attribute amazing, exhilarating, and kinda humbling. i loved the mix of mostly old with a sprinkling of new.

i ate a lot of yummy food and drank fabulous wines!

restaurant recommendations:

Gusta Pizza – amazing pizza in the quaintest area. there was a line but barely a wait as this place is popular….5 Euros for Margherita!

Osteria Santo Sprito – best bruschetta and gnocchi (the best tomatoes of my life!)

first meal in Rome- legume, chickpea, pizza.
under the Coliseum

FullSizeRender (1)

Florence, Duomo
cafe & the Duomo
backstreets outside of the hotel

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