Holiday treat box…the handmade gift solution

i like the holiday season.  i enjoy the holiday season buzz, the energy, the  red and green decor, the humming carols that feel the empty sounds, the lights, the smell of pine, the holiday parties, the free pass on buttery cookies and decadent dinners, being with family and friends. however more and more its become an annoying task of trying to figure out what gift to give friends and family…a guessing game of what I think they may want or may not have and then the hope that they like their gift and it wasn’t a waste of time and money. im somewhat annoyed that this holiday is so commercial, so much about buying, buying, buying….maybe if i had a bottomless budget or was a kid I’d feel different. Ba-hum-bug, i know.

i figured it out though! last year i baked a few goods and sent it out to friends and family and decided to make it my new tradition, no more guessing sweater sizes, or getting clueless gift cards.  i followed up this year with much success.  i think getting a homemade gift, card, or baked good is far sweeter and special. this years box included a) chewy ginger cookies b) white chocolate chip cookies with red & green M&M’s  c) Mexican wedding cookies, which look like snowballs d) Pretzel caramel almond turtles  and e) Brownie balls. I’ve linked some similar recipes and pics.

every year i learn what goes best in these boxes and what’s not gonna travel so well. so friends and family hold tight in 3-5 years these baked goods gift boxes will be epic!

FullSizeRender (4)

via Snixy Kitchen
Mexican Wedding Cookies via Snixy Kitchen
Chocolate Chip, Red & Green M&M’s via Creations by Kara
Pretzel Caramel Chocolate pecan via comfortofcooking
Pretzel Caramel Chocolate pecan via comfortofcooking
Dusted brownie balls via Puttogetherlife
FullSizeRender (5)
The inside

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