Stylish & Organized, The Travel Tip

If you’re like me, deciding on what to wear on a daily basis is easy & quick or it’s a mini-tornado that inevitably makes you start your day 60 minutes later than planned. I know how to solve to this problem; plan my outfits and try them on the night before. It is a tried and true method that I used when getting out the door at 7 am was imperative; unfortunately it’s a decent habit that I have long grown out of using. I wake up with an idea of what I want to wear based upon the weather, meetings I have scheduled, after-work plans, laundry, my hairstyle, etc. I try on 2-3 outfits, making a pile of mess in the process and then finally walk out the door, sometimes but not often a little frustrated with my final choice. Knowing this, I must say the most loathing part of traveling for me is picking out my outfits. I can’t even decide what to wear tomorrow, yet I have to plan for several days worth of outfits, accessories, shoes, etc. while having to consider unforeseen events…will I meet a handsome philanthropist that invites me aboard his yacht for a lil cruising and smoozing (ha), is rock-climbing an option, what if it rains the entire time, etc! I then would arrive at my destination and look at my luggage full of clothes and literally draw a blank on how  I envisioned all of these pieces forming 10-12 nice outfits. trial, error, and late nights packing have helped me come up with a helpful little trick.

  1. Be in a good body mood- It’s the dead of winter and your skin hasn’t seen the sun in months, and the holiday eating just ended…and now you have to try on your bikinis and sundresses for your upcoming beach trip.. Think positive thoughts and imagine your sunny destination.
  2. Pull out your seasonal clothes-Honestly, this part sucks. Unless you have a walk-in closet or don’t live in the average NYC apartment, you probably pack away out of season clothes. If you’re visiting a destination with a similar current climate, skip this step, otherwise, drag it out. I do this on packing day one.
  3. Try on your outfits-this step is subjective. Perhaps you are simpler when getting dress and all your pants are the same Gap-chino-slim-fit-32-inseam, and all you skirts are identical yet different colors, if so skip this step. However my wardrobe is all over the place; I’m boho, boyish, sporty, sleek, I gain a few pounds, loose a few, etc. Trying on is a must.
  4. Take a picture- This is the clever step! Lay out your outfit, with shoes, and accessories and snap a shot. You could do this in Step 3 and take a picture while wearing the outfit.
  5. Save the pictures-Make an album on your phone with all your trip outfits. Done!

Now when you get to your destination there is no mystery or frustration over what to wear you just look through your catalog of outfits and pick one! This method also helps me to prevent over packing because I only take what I need for each outfit.  After the trip is over I save the photos for future outfit ideas.

Bonus- Another good idea I picked up from a friend on a recent trip to Curacao: Wear your workout clothes on your flight. You can easily pair your exercise leggings, with cute sneakers, and a loose casual shirt, and cardigan. Now you’ve brought along your workout gear and can hit the hotel gym or take a jog without taking up extra space in your luggage. workout clothes can be easily hand washed in the sink and dry quickly since that’s what they are made to do. What’s more comfortable than wear yoga pants on a long flight?



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