Hudson Getaway, my 1st Airbnb

This post is quite late, but I wanted to share the experience nonetheless. I have been meaning to get on the Airbnb bandwagon for awhile because I think it’s such a great idea. When traveling I prefer to stay in smaller, unique, boutique hotels in interesting, sometimes out-of-the-way addresses. The massive, all-inclusive, don’t leave the resort kinda places just aren’t my style.  So renting out an Airbnb seems ideal. My first experience was flawless. The Beau and I decided to go to High Falls, NY for a long weekend. To get there we took the train from Grand Central to Poughkeepsie in Poughkeepsie the car rental guy picked us up and we got our weekend wheels. Having never been to Poughkeepsie we decided to park and visit the “Walkway Over the Hudson,” the views were splendid. We then headed to High Falls. High Falls is a hamlet in Ulster county with a population of about 700, and known for their….falls. We check into our rental, which was adorable in decor and clean. I was very worried about cleanliness and feeling comfortable; I’m a wee bit of a germaphobe. This place worked though and we were comfortable. We spent the days hiking (which for us is walking on paths through the woods for hours), eating good food, drinking, and falling asleep under the stars-thanks to the skylight over the bed.

High Falls is close proximity to Mohonk Mountain Resort, which is literally a renown resort that wins impressive awards annually.  Naturally we checked it out. It is massive and old, full of history.  We got a mini-tour from a lady sitting in the lobby who turned out to be a historian and a resort employee, lovely lady. Honestly, I’d never return to Mohonk, it was just kinda…scary, that old…I hear dead people kinda scary, that…oh, this was built by horribly treated slaves kinda eeriness.

This trip sparked my interest in the Hudson Valley, I plan on returning in the summer, perhaps to Woodstock, somewhere close to a swimming hole.

Do you have a favorite place on Hudson? share! share! share!

bedroom view, star-light view


that RED frig though and beams 😉



…oh and NYers if you like Kitchenette on Amsterdam you’ll be happy to hear they have opened up one in High Falls.


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