photomeSo a bit about me…my name is Kelei (ahhh, now “Deluxlei” makes a bit more sense)

two of my favorite things in life are the basic subject of this blog: Travel  & Making. I believe both of these are so interactive…We travel to see new place, meet new people, engage in an experience outside of our daily one. we learn from and gather information from one another travels as we curate our un-ending “Travel Bucket List.” Making/Creating/Crafting is the much the same. Our ideas are born out necessity or creativity; we grow and learn from each others triumph and mistakes in making. Creating is globally interactive.

born in Washington DC , raised in Maryland and living in New York City, I am a designer and creator of human accessories by night. this blog was launched  as a spin-off blog (www.designpuddle.blogspot.com). Deluxlei serves as a collection of  ideas, personal style & opinion, crafty lil projects, journal of Kels & Whistles (my shop) and of course random thoughts & sightings, and lots of travel. everything. there are no rules.

yep, I purposely don’t capitalize sentences, sometimes…rebel here.

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